Firends of Forest Town 001
First Day of Kindergarten

Firends of Forest Town 002
Alan’s Birthday Party

Firends of Forest Town 003
Mrs. Cow’s Cooking Studio

Firends of Forest Town 004
Mrs. Goat’s Wardrobe

Firends of Forest Town 005
Sam’s New Job

Firends of Forest Town 006
Aunt Bella’s Garden

First Day of Kindergarten


Once upon a time, there was a town named Forrest in a lush forest. Animals living in the town loved the forest and the town deeply.
     A family of squirrels lives in a tree house of the town. Today is a very busy day for the squirrel family because it’s Alan’s first day in kindergarten. What will happen today?

     The unique app which everything in it can be interacted with.
     BarleyTea Studio designed a new range of interactive books for kids around academic principles by adding search and explore.
     As the first of this range, First Day of Kindergarten unleashes its potential to become an educational toy to keep your kids fascinated.
     Each page of this app is highly immersive with tasks that kids can complete to progress the story, including: Help little squirrel Alan find his bag before he goes to the kindergarten by tapping the bag.


● Interact With Whatever You Like.
     Everyhing in this app is interactive. All you need is to tap. Tap whatever you like to be surprised.

● Interesting Explore & Card Collection
     Help residents of the town find whatever they lost to get new cards. Explore in the app to find more cards.

● Stunning Hand-drawn Animations
● Narrated By Professional Actors
● Stylish Bubble & Highlight Words
     Lovely Bubbles highlight the words to help the emerging reader.